Parrots behaving badly to make you laugh

Birds behaving badly ... because they can and because we laugh when they do it!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bert's new toy

Since I finally got Bert playing with his feet I decided to try a foraging toy out on him. I put a bunch of peanuts inside and showed him they were in there to help get him interested. All he has to do is pull the chain up with his feet and chew the peanuts out.

Bert has decided that the new toy is evil and attacks it when ever he can. I even showed him how to get the peanuts out thinking that it would motivate him some more. No such luck. He still plays with the toy though. His favorite thing is to pull it up with his feet and then throw it as hard as he can at anyone in the room. Thankfully it has stayed on the chain so far. It makes a lot of noise but he seems to get a kick out of it. Maybe one day he'll figure out how to get the peanuts out of it.

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