Parrots behaving badly to make you laugh

Birds behaving badly ... because they can and because we laugh when they do it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Bobby likes to make fun of me and call me nasty names sometimes. He is not a big fan of the ladies but I love him just the same. One game that he will play with me for hours on end is his "shake a bell" game.

This is Bobby taunting me into playing his favorite game. He usually squeals really lound and bobs his head up and down. I have to be careful not to try to touch him or he will try to pinch me. Basically I say "Bobby, shake a bell," and he squeals really loud in his excited voice. Then he runs over to the toy and shakes on of the bells as hard as he can. Then he stops and waits for me to copy him. Maybe he thinks he is training me.

This is Bobby shaking the bell. When he really gets going he looks like he might get dizzy, but no such luck. He is lighting fast and will go right back to taunting me into playing another round as soon as I and done shaking the other bell. You can tell this is his favorite game because the paint is coming of the bottom of both the bells.

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